Fast Commitments and Rapid Closings

Our versatile loan criteria allow us to close deals that others simply can’t. We have the acumen and flexibility to analyze your special situation. With the ability to build a loan that meets your goals. We keep the process moving quickly to complete the transaction in a timely manner. 

❖ TERM: 

 o Flexible loan term up to 10 years. Amortization up to 30 year mortgage


o No prepayment penalties.


o Up to 85%

o Up to 100% Fix and Flip Rehab

o Up to 90% (Business Loan) 


o Rates from 5% - 11.99% (Varies depending upon loan scenario)


o 1.5% - 3% Brokerage Fee (Varies depending upon loan scenario)

o Lender Fee 2%-3%

o Due Diligence Fee (Varies depending upon loan scenario)

o Underwriting Fee (Varies depending upon loan scenario)


o From $150,000 - $200+ Million Nationally (Including Assets Based Lending)

o Business Loans $100,000 - $5,000,000 Nationally

o International Commercial Real Estate Loans

       o Loan Size: $1,500,000 - $200+ Million

❖ Mega Commercial Real Estate Loans (National & International)

           o Loan Size: $300 Million - $20 Billion

           o LTV/LTC: 95%

           o Rates Starting at 4%

           o Equity Participation

           o Construction

o Cannabis Funding 

           o Loan Size: $300 Million - $20 Billion

           o LTV/LTC: 95%

           o Rates Starting at 4%

           o Processing & Cultivation Facilities 

o Assets Based Lending

        o Loan Size: $100 Million+

        o Rates Starting at 4% 

        o Income producing assets, raw land, mines, air rights, gold, silver, diamonds, art, oils wells, and               precious metals.


o Real estate and other fixed or liquid assets. 


o Multifamily, Condos, Single Family Rentals, Rental Portfolio, Office, Retail, Hotel, Industrial, Mixed-use, Land, Fix & Flips 

Required Documentations 

❖ Loan Application 

o Priority Investment Network provides 

❖ Purchase contract 

For purchase transactions. 

Refinance loan scenario; you’ll need a payoff statement from the existing lender. 

❖ Preliminary Title Report 

o To show clear Title for the property. The designated title company for the loan will provide this. 

❖ Forms of Identification 

o If the borrower is an individual ID, Passport, SSN Card, Green Card. If the borrower is a business entity, corporate documents or operating agreement. 

❖ Proof of funds statement 

o Recent bank statements or other account statement(s). 

❖ Land Appraisal 

o CBRE, ect. 

❖ Proof of Insurance 

o For property being purchased or refinanced. 

❖ Credit report

         o FICO Score 600-850

❖ Optional Items 

 o Copy of lease and/or rent roll. (Rental property scenario.) 


Washington, DC, USA